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Kaikōura, New Zealand

Ecosystem-Based Management

Ecosystem-based management is a holistic and inclusive way to manage marine environments and the competing uses for, demands on, and ways New Zealanders value them.

Mussel Farm In New Zealand

Blue Economy

A blue economy refers to the marine activities that generate economic value and contribute positively to ecological, cultural, and social well-being.

Waka in an estuary in Waitangi, in New Zealand's far north.

Te Ao Māori

Te ao Māori (literally ‘the Māori world’) is a phrase often used to indicate the knowledge, understandings, and practices from the indigenous culture of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Bringing it all together

The Sustainable Seas Challenge has produced nearly a decade’s worth of research results, guidance, and tools from more than 100 projects.

In our final year, we’ve focused on synthesising this knowledge into accessible outputs that will lead to action and support continued efforts toward the Challenge vision. This synthesis brings together key messages and recommendations from our journey and provides knowledge generated in a format intended to enable its uptake, application, and further development.


Resources for teachers

If you’re a geography or social science teacher, these resources make the Sustainable Seas research easily accessible for learning about our marine environment.

Named after a guardian of our ancestors

Tohorā are our whales. They’ve always shown the way, leading our tūpuna across seas. Now, they’re helping us find our way once more.

Knowledge guiding change.

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